capturing traces of time
to be touched in different ways

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Let me introduce myself.  My name is Janien and I’m a mixed media artist, living in Antwerp (Belgium).

Making collages, bringing different pieces together in a new balance is what I love. I work with paper and fabric that show traces of time. 

I hope that the artwork will attract you to touch it and that you are touched by it. 

an unfolding story

collect a series of small collages - a gift for yourself or someone you love

A gift full of surprise and attention.
A series of collages made at the same time and belonging together.

You choose on the basis of one collage.
You choose on the basis of colour, atmosphere, material or story.  All the other collages are a surprise.

You will receive the series of collages by mail. 1 each time. In this way a visual story unfolds step by step.. 

Some more information:

  • You can choose in the store from different collages. 
  • Each series of collages is unique and different.
  • A series will consist of 3 or 4 collages.
  • Each series has it’s own story.
  • Check in the store which collages you can choose from.

Selection of collage from 2023

Collages made of bookcovers.
DSCF3021 (2)

For people with a love for books and abstraction.

Old books have great fabric covers and colours. I deconstruct the books and combine the materials and textures into abstract collages. Each book has a title that refers to the book that was used. 

You can read more about these collages here.

Box for postcards and collages.

For people with a love for (vintage) boxes.

This box is brand new but has a vintage feel to it. It is really beuatifully made of gray cardboard, has solid walls and is printed ecofriendly. I have the boxes printed with the image of “an unfolding story”; my hands holding a deck of cards. That project is about collecting and in this box you can collect collages, cards or other things you love.

find out about my work: collages, textiles and sketchbooks

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