"allles van waarde is weerloos"


I love the traces of time in old, neglected objects and materials. The stories they tell, like shards of pottery, old notebooks or my mothers embroidery threads. The cracks, the discoloration have a vulnerability and beauty. I want to capture this in my work. Maybe I just want to capture time?

Making a collage is a form of play to me. Shuffling all the pieces around till I sense a kind of shift, a moment of balance.  Finding that balance gives joy and a sense of calmness. So every collage is an attempt to find some balance in a chaotic world. And I hope you will experience that balance, joy or calmness too.

I am inspired by all sorts of texture, raw edges and loose ends. The tangible/textural quality of the collages are important to me.  I hope it will attract you to also touch it with your eyes or hands. That you too, are somehow touched by it.  I want to make art that is touching in all kinds of ways.

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I live in Antwerp (Belgium) and parttime in a small town in the Netherlands (where my partner lives). We have two cats and they travel with us between the two places. 

I have studied art therapy as well as sculpture. Over the past twenty years I enjoyed working as a museum guide, art educator and museum consultant. If you are interested in that part of me, I refer to  the Derde Verdieping

Craft, creativity and play have always been a major part in my life. Now it is time to put my artwork out in the world and to share it with you.

JanienPrummel(c)theuntold(91van162) (2)