alles van waarde  is weerloos

Things, objects and materials have memories. There is beauty in what is old, neglected and thrown away.

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I live in Antwerp (Belgium) and partime in a small town in Holland (where my partner lives). We have two cats that travel between the two places. 

I have studied art therapy and sculpture. And the last twenty years I have worked as a museumguide, art educator and museum consultant with great joy. 

Making, creativity and play has allways been a great part of my life. Now it is time to put my artwork out in the world and share it with you.

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what inspires me:


old written notebooks, pieces of worn out fabric, torn edges of a piece of paper, my mothers embroidery threads, small shards of pottery, vintage bookcovers, a walk in nature, ropes, birdsnests, ……….