I love to rearrange bits of paper and fabric into a new order. All those small bits with their texture, colour, history inspire me to experiment and play.

an unfolding story

I like to work on three or four collages at a time. That makes you avoid overthinking that one collage and stay playful and open while making it. In these collages, I try out techniques and ideas. What if I stack pieces of paper and then secure them with one line of stiching? Sometimes I just see some pieces of paper and fabric lying around and just start, without too much thought. These collages and series are a kind of playground that I like to share through ‘an unfolding story’. Check out wich series of collages are available right now.

bookcover collages - series 'allemaal echt gebeurd'

I love books and I love tearing them apart, is that a contradiction? In the attic of the farmhouse where I grew up was a cupboard full of old, dusty books. I regularly used to snoop in there. My love for old books comes from there I think. Taking the books apart, I discovered the cover fabrics and their beautiful colours, the various parts of the book’s spine, written details on the first page. I love the traces of tearing, the frayed edges, the faded paper. The traces of time. The materials inspire me to create new compositions and arrangements every time. A selection of these bookcover collages is available in the shop.

series - naturel

tobetouched serie

I made this serie during lockdown 2020.  Can we ‘touch’ each other in a different way when we can’t see each other? I combined an abstract background with a figurative drawing. This drawing was embroidered by hand. The act of embroidering gave me a sense of calme and balance. The subjects all have something to do with touch, hands, bodies and nature. There are still some available in the shop (with discount!). Have a look.