I love to rearrange bits of paper and fabric into a new order. All those small bits with their texture, colour, history inspire me to experiment and play.

collages 2021

In 2021 I experimented more with paint, colour and markmaking. Some collages are freed from the sketchbook to get a life ‘outside’. Others are made of leftover papers and sewn together.  Some of these collages are available in the shop.

tobetouched serie

I made this serie during lockdown 2020. Can we ‘touch’ each other in a different way when we can’t see each other? There are still some available in the shop (with discount!). Have a look. 

100 days project

In the 100 day project you choose a project and do it every day for 100 days. I chose to make collages on indexcards and I really did make 100 collages!!  It’ s a great collection of collages with different materials and experiments. It is a stimulating project, someday I will do it again.