Green white – 3 collages

I love beach walks and often you will see me gathering ropes, wood or other items. Like this piece of green and white plastic. It has been floating around for a long time in my studio but now it has a central role in this series. I added some painted fabric and paper from books along with some stiched details. There is something cheerful about the series and it still reminds me of the sea. But it might be different for you.

  • this series has 3 collages. 
  • you pick this series based on the first collage (and it’s story), the three others will be a surprise.
  • a new collage will be sent by mail every two weeks.
  • the size of each collage is A6: 15 x 10,5 cm.
  • the collage is made on Khadi paper. The paper is handmade in India and is made of 100% cotton. Because of the handwork, the sheets are never quite the same. The edges have a nice scoop edge.


If you would like to gift this series to someone I need some additional information from you.
First, the address to which the collage may be sent. A letter explaining ‘the unfolding story’ will be added to the first collage. There is room for a personal message from the giver. Let me know at checkout or via email what words I may add.

Of course, you can also give these collages to yourself but then I don’t need any additional information since your address will be entered at checkout.

We use a flat rate of €5,- for shipping. All prices include VAT