Winter – 4 collages

I made this collages during a cold winter period and the colours reflect that feeling. I made these on old indexcards. My partner’s aunt was a doctor. She had a whole system of index cards on which she described illnesses in handwriting that is undecipherable to me. I like to make collages on these cards and have the handwritten phrases form a graphic component. In the collages you will find pieces of old black and white photographs. I also incorporated fabric, silver paper and lots of embroidery.

  • this serie has 4 collages. 
  • you pick this series based on the first collage (and it’s story), the three others will be a surprise.
  • a new collage will be sent by mail every two weeks.
  • the size of each collage is A6: 10 x 15 cm.
  • the collage is made on vintage indexcards.
  • unframed.


If you would like to gift this series to someone I need some additional information from you.
First, the address to which the collage may be sent. A letter explaining ‘the unfolding story’ will be added to the first collage. There is room for a personal message from the giver. Let me know at checkout or via email what words I may add.

Of course, you can also give these collages to yourself but then I don’t need any additional information since your address will be entered at checkout.

We use a flat rate of €5,- for shipping. All prices include VAT