My mother gave me the love for fabric and threads. You can find a lot of embroidery in my work, sometimes as an extra layer.

fabricbook - "alles gaat in verwildering"

This fabricbook is very precious to me.  On the cover is my mother as a child. Inside are embroidered sentences. The last years of her life she suffered from dementia and she wrote small, very incoherent notes. But when you read carefully you coulds read words that reflected her state of mind. Like: “alles gaat in verwildering” (everything goes into bewildering).

burried books

I made these small books with fragments from books and added embroidery. These books were buried in the ground for 30 days! The effect on the fabric and the traces of time and the earth are beautifull. The whole process of making, burying and ‘unearthing’ is a very touching process. I was inspirerd by the buried earth bookproject.

traces of time

Capturing ‘traces of time’ through the beauty of worn fabric and collecting all loose threads in birds nests.  

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